Students fostering Entrepreneurship. Since 1967.



A Junior Enterprise is a non-profit organisation, formed and managed exclusively by university students, which provides services for companies, institutions, and individuals.
Junior Enterprises are similar to real companies, with the main goal of enhancing the learning of their members through practical experiences.


We are complementing education with and entrepreneurial approach.

The JE concept is a skills and knowledge lab within the faculty that allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge in a business context.

We are delivering high-quality talent and projects to the market.

JEs deliver high-quality projects to the market; they are a unique platform for university students’ development, enhancing their employability.

We are enhancing the next generation of leaders.

Developing people, the JE concept challenge young students to go further and to think in them as future shapers and active citizens.

Europe’s future is in the hands of its young people. It is your energy and creativity that will produce the new ideas and start-ups of tomorrow. Europe’s Junior Enterprises are leading the way.

Jean-Claude Juncker
President of the European Commission

JADE has clearly recognised the important connection between education and business which I fully support. The initiative created by JADE can only help students to learn entrepreneurial skills and help prepare those who will eventually choose a career in business. I applaud the efforts of JADE!

Stelios Haji-Ioannou
Founder of EasyGroup

Microsoft embraces the urgency of this entrepreneurial challenge. We view partnerships such as the one with JADE as a vital first step in addressing these challenges.

Regina Murray
Educational Sector Director of Microsoft Western Europe

We need the build bridges between the academic world of education and training on one side and the practical world of enterprises on the other side. JADE is doing an excellent job in this respect by offering students the chance to gain experience as entrepreneurs. This is why EUROCHAMBERS supports and promotes this initiative.

Arnaldo Abruzzini
Secretary General of EUROCHAMBRES